Terms & Conditions

Officine Saffi International Contemporary Art and Design Ceramics Competition

2nd edition new deadline 29 July 2016

Officine Saffi
Information and competition office:
Tel. +39 02 36 68 56 96 - Fax +39 02 36 59 74 44
e-mail concorso@officinesaffi.com - website www.officinesaffi.com

Officine Saffi is a unique organization based in Milan, an experimental hub dedicated to contemporary ceramics. Its audience comprises artists, designers, architects, ceramists and everyone interested in ceramics and art.

The project consists of the Art gallery, for exhibitions with works by international artists, the Workshop for courses, also used for artists’ residencies and production by artists and designers, and the Publishing Company that produces art catalogues and the quarterly magazine La Ceramica in Italia e nel mondo (www.laceramicainitalia.com).

Part of Officine Saffi’s mission is the Open to Art International Competition, dedicated to Art Ceramics and Design Ceramics. Through its operations, Officine Saffi represents a point of reference for international ceramics, with a mission to enhancing the significance of ceramics in the areas of art, design and architecture.

Art.1 Competition Objectives

Open to Art, International Art and Design Ceramics Competition, is organized by Officine Saffi with the objective of highlighting and promoting the use of ceramics in contemporary art, design and furnishing, providing a privileged viewpoint of the current state of visual and technological innovation in these areas.

Art.2 Criteria for Admission

Open to Art, International Contemporary Art and Design Ceramics Competition, is open to all contemporary artists, of any nationality; applicants can be individuals or groups. There are no limitations as regards the age of the artist, and the theme of the work.

The competition is in two sections:


For both, fundamental criteria in the selection will include the work's quality, research, originality and contemporary relevance.

To take part, there is a participation fee of 50 euro; for artists under 30, the participation fee is 35 euro. Through the collaboration with the Brera Fine Arts Academy, for students at the Academy, participation in the competition is free of charge.

Each participant has to present a valid identity document. For works made by a group of artists, the group has to nominate a representative who will be their point of contact with the competition at all stages.

Art.3 Conditions and Instructions for participation

Each participant can present one work for each section. It is not allowed to participate with the same work for both sections. Artists can send images of other works, in addition to the work entered into the competition, in order to provide an idea of the artist's style.

Works can be made in any ceramic technique. Works that include other materials are accepted as long as clay is the principal material used. Artists are required to declare that they made and own the works presented, that said works have been made during the last two years, and that they have not been presented in other competitions. If these conditions are not met, the Jury and Officine Saffi reserve the right to exclude the works from the exhibition and, if the respective work has won a prize, to cancel the assignment of the prize.

Works should be contained within the maximum dimensions of 100x100x100 cm.

Participants can download the application form from the website www.officinesaffi.com and should send the completed form to concorso@officinesaffi.com.

For definitive confirmation of participation, a printed version of the duly compiled application form and a CD-Rom should be sent in a sealed envelope to the competition office; the CD-Rom should contain:

• A maximum of three images of the work presented, on a neutral background (white, black, grey) [in jpg or tiff format, 300 dpi (short side 20 cm), together with a description (title of the work, materials and technique, dimensions in centimetres, value of the work in euro)]

• A dossier on the artist's work [in jpg or tiff format, 300 dpi, together with descriptions (title of the work, materials and technique, dimensions in centimetres, value of each work in euro)]

• Curriculum Vitae including the artist's training and any eventual exhibitions

• Copy of the artist's identity document

• Receipt of payment of the participation fee

• For students at the Brera Fine Arts Academy, a copy of the University enrolment document with receipt of payment of the university fees for the current academic year.
The documents should be in pdf format.
In order to gain acceptance for the competition, the complete application (compiled and printed application form, CD with images, curriculum vitae, photocopy of an identity document, receipt of payment of the application fee) should be dated and signed by the applicant, and it should be sent in a sealed envelope to the competition office with delivery costs paid by the applicant, by 30 June 2016 by 29 July 2016 (the date on the postal stamp will be taken as proof of the date of delivery). Envelopes can be sent by post, express courier, or delivered by hand to the following address :
Officine Saffi – Open to Art International Art and Design Ceramics Competition – Via Aurelio Saffi, 7 – 20123 – Milano – Italy

The documentation sent will not be returned.

Art.4 Admission fee

The admission fee, which partially covers organizational costs, has been set at 50 (fifty) euro for each work presented in the respective section.

For artists under 30, the participation fee for each work presented for the respective section is 35 (thirty-five) euro. Through the collaboration with the Brera Fine Arts Academy, for students at the Academy, participation in the competition is free of charge.

Payment of the participation fee should be made in euro, without any bank charges or commissions payable by the organizers. The participation fee cannot be returned. The fee can be paid using the following systems:

- On-line, by credit card and the PayPal system:
(to be paid to the email address concorso@officinesaffi.com. If the credit card is not in the artist's name, the applicant should inform the organizers as to the cardholder name and the applicant name by writing to concorso@officinesaffi.com).

- Bank Transfer:
made out to OFFICINE SAFFI, specifying Open To Art, and the artist's name, surname and e-mail address.
IBAN IT93 G030 3201 6150 1000 0003 281 - BIC code BACRIT 21384
Bank CREDEM branch n° 15

Art.5 Jury

For the selection, an international jury selects the finalists whose works will be considered for prizes; later the jury will select and announce the prize-winners from the selected artists.

Art.6 Selection

The jury performs two stages of selection.

First selection

By 23 September 2016, the jury will select works for admission into the competition. The works will be assessed using the images delivered, which cannot be replaced by other works; if the works do not correspond to the images, they will be excluded from the competition. The selected works themselves must reach the Officine Saffi office by 21 November 2016. Applicants will be promptly informed of acceptance into the competition and the rules for delivery of the works.

Second selection

By 14 January 2017, the Jury will view the works delivered, and will award the Officine Saffi prizes and the other secondary prizes. All the works admitted to the second level of selection will be exhibited in a show at Officine Saffi at dates to be decided. The Jury's decisions are final and not open for appeal.

Art.7 Prizes

The winning works will become part of the Officine Saffi collection. All selected works will be exhibited in the gallery.

First prize in the Art Ceramics category, € 5,000*

First prize in the Design Ceramics category, € 5,000*

Other prizes:

Artist's residency during the International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama, Japan

Artist's residency at Amfora in Seinaioki, Finland

Artist's residency at the International Ceramic Research Center Guldagergaar, Denmark

Production Prize with FABLAB, Milan

• Production Prize at Museo Carlo Zauli, Faenza

Under 30 Prize offered by Accademia di Brera, for a work by a young artist that will be exhibited at the Academy

Solo Show at Museo del Design 1880-1980, Milan

* As per law, a 25% withholding tax will be charged on all the money prizes.

Art.8 Catalog

Officine Saffi will publish a special edition/catalogue for the competition.

The catalogue will be printed by Officine Saffi, who will also select the images to be published. By taking part in the competition, participants cede to Officine Saffi all rights concerning the reproduction of images of their works entered into the competition, and likewise any other images that the participant supplies (including works that are not included amongst those entered into the competition), and accept that no copyright fees or any other fees are due to them for this usage. Likewise, artists authorize the production of photographs, video, film, television or digital documentation of their works for all the uses that Officine Saffi deems as opportune for the promotion of the competition, such as catalogues, invitations, brochures, promotional material, articles in printed magazines and on internet, websites, commercials and all sorts of promotional material in whatever shape or form. Any residual promotional materials will remain the property of Officine Saffi who are authorized to use it as they wish, free of charge, without any copyright or other fees payable to the artist.
The list of the works that pass the first selection will be published on the website www.officinesaffi.com.

Participants will be able to purchase the catalogue at a discounted price. One copy of the catalogue will be given free to each of the finalist artists. Copies of the catalogue can be collected during the final exhibition, or they can be purchased online at the website www.laceramicainitalia.com.

Art.9 Prize-giving ceremony

The prize-giving ceremony will take place in Milan in late January 2017, at the Officine Saffi gallery.

Art.10 Installation

Installation of the competition exhibition will be designed and performed exclusively by Officine Saffi.

Art.11 Responsibility

Officine Saffi, while making all efforts to ensure the safe care and custody of works entered into the competition, declines any and all responsibility in the case of theft, fire or whatever type of damage to the works, at any stage of the competition. The artist can insure the work presented, at his or her own cost and responsibility.

Art.12 Insurance

Officine Saffi does not insure the works during the various phases of the competition. Participants guarantee that they will not take any form of legal action against Officine Saffi for any damage that the works should sustain during the entire competition. Artists can insure their works, at their own expense and responsibility, using whatever insurance company they like. Insurance policies should specifically hold Officine Saffi exempt from any legal action; Officine Saffi is not required to reimburse any damages sustained by works during the entire competition period. If a work reaches the competition with signs of damage, it will not be exhibited.

Art.13 Despatch of works

Delivery of the works is at the expense and responsibility of the artists. Works must reach Officine Saffi without any payable charges or taxes. Participants should comply with the minimum standards of safety in the transport of ceramic works of art, ensuring that they are sufficiently protected by the packaging. International customs regulations should be followed in the case of works arriving from outside the EU

Art.14 Return of works

Artists are required to arrange for the collection of their works, at their own expense and responsibility. In the case that a work has to be returned to the artist, Officine Saffi will pack the work ready for despatch. If a written request for the return of the work does not reach Officine Saffi within 30 days from the closing date of the final exhibition, Officine Saffi reserves the right to use the work in whatever way it likes. If the artist wishes to give the work away at the end of the event, this can be communicated to Officine Saffi at the following email address: amministrazione@officinesaffi.com.
In any case, Officine Saffi reserves the right to accept or refuse donated works. In the case that a work is donated or not collected, Officine Saffi reserves the right to use the work in whatever way it deems opportune.

Art.15 Acceptance of privacy regulations

Each applicant expressly authorizes Officine Saffi for the processing of his or her personal data, in accordance with law 675/96 (Privacy law) and subsequence modifications in the Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy regulations), including their presence in databanks managed by Officine Saffi. The competition organizers reserve the right to change the competition rules should this be necessary. Application for, and participation in, the competition imply the artist's unconditional acceptance of all the articles of these competition rules.