First prize Art section > € 5,000
First prize Design section > € 5,000

The winning works will become part of the Officine Saffi collection.

All the finalist works selected by the jury will be exhibited at Officine Saffi in Spring 2019.

In addition to the first prizes, 7 are the collateral awards that will be awarded to some of the finalist artists:

• Artist residency at Sundaymorning @ ekwc in the Netherlands
• Artist residence during the International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama, Japan
• Artist residency at Amfora in Seinäjoki, Finland
• Artist residency at the International Ceramic Research Center, Guldagergaard in Denmark
• Artist residency at Carlo Zauli Museum, Faenza• Artist residency and exhibition at Ceramic Museum of Mondovì

• Cover Award in the Fragile magazine
• Article Award in the Fragile magazine

The residency at Sundaymorning @ ekwc in Oisterwijk in the Netherlands will last for three weeks. Participants will be able to use the equipment of the center and will have the possibility to be followed by the staff who will make available their knowledge to better support the structuring of a specific project or to develop a new ceramic product.

The residency in Japan will be held in autumn 2019 during the International Ceramic Art Festival in Sasama, Shizuoka. The artist will be hosted by the villagers and will have the opportunity to participate in local activities. The laboratory will be made available where the artist can work independently. During the days when the well-known festival takes place, the works will be exhibited in a space set up for the occasion.

The residency in Finland will take place in the city of Seinäjoki. The city, famous for its prestigious administrative and cultural center designed by Alvar Aalto, will host the winning artist who will be selected in collaboration with the company Amfora. The artist will have the opportunity to be in contact with professionals in the Finnish artistic design sector in a context of production of the highest level.

The Danish two-month residency will take place at the International Ceramic Research Center Guldagergaard in Denmark. Guldagergaard is one of the eight most important ceramic centers in the world and hosts residences for artists of all nationalities. The residence will offer the opportunity to work without distractions in a professional environment, exchange knowledge and experience in the ceramic sector and start collaborations with other ceramist artists in an international environment with the professional support of staff at Guldagergaard.

The Carlo Zauli Museum will offer a short residency in order to develop and produce a ceramic object in dialogue between art and design to be realized in the the laboratories that belonged to the famous artist from Faenza.

The residency at Museo della ceramica di Mondovì will last 3/4 weeks and will take place in the ceramic workshop of the museum. The award includes a final exhibition of the works realized during the residency.

The Cover award will include a publication on Fragile magazine.

The Article award will offer an article published on Fragile magazine.

* A 25% withholding tax will be levied on all cash prizes, as required by law.

** residencies awards do not cover travel expenses