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Exhibition Details

Open to Art

Artists Riccardo Biavati - Nicola Tripodi - Mariano Fuga

From 11 May 2011 to 11 July 2011

Inauguration of Officine Saffi


The inauguration was a great success, with many people demonstrating keen interest in the works on show. Many ceramists came to Milan, delighted to witness the arrival of something new in the field of Italian ceramics. There were also many “non-specialist” people, showing that the event had a universal appeal and was not just (as happens all too often) a niche occasion. There was a sparkling atmosphere, due to the fact that part of Milan’s aperitifs crowd had deserted their Mojitos to view the new gallery, enjoying the mild weather and the city’s traditional hospitality.

Those present particularly appreciated the presentation by Philippe Daverio who, with his personal charisma, added his own touch to the overall success of the evening. Salvatore Carrubba was also present, and expressed his own good wishes for the Gallery’s success.

It is to be hoped that this event was just the first of a long series of exhibitions and occasions that win the same degree of public appreciation…

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