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Officine Saffi Contemporary Ceramic Art @Pietrasanta

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Officine Saffi Contemporary Ceramic Art @Pietrasanta

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Officine Saffi Contemporary Ceramic Art @Pietrasanta

Artists Ann Van Hoey

From 21 September 2014 to 18 October 2014

In Pietrasanta, the Officine Saffi Ceramic Arts Gallery presents a group exhibition of ceramic artists at the MARCOROSSI Gallery.



The exhibition was designed to provide an overview of the finest contemporary ceramics, presenting works by some of the most important international ceramic artists, along with other pieces by artists for whom clay is not their usual medium but who are nonetheless fascinated by the great expressive potential provided by ceramics.

The 16 artists selected by Officine Saffi include both consolidated names and new talents, of differing cultural and geographical origin. Many are from the group of finalists selected for the first Open to Art competition held in 2014, devised and promoted by Officine Saffi Project and dedicated to the world of art ceramics and design ceramics: Palma Babos (Hungary, 1961), Alfredo Eandrade (Argentina, 1967), Ken Eastman (U.K., 1960), Flavio Favelli (Italy, 1967), Michelangelo Galliani (Italy, 1975), Malene Hartmann Rasmussen (Denmark, 1973), Peter Hogeboom (Netherlands, 1961), Luigi Massimo Lancellotti (Italy, 1986), Ayaka Nomura (Japan, 1987), Paolo Polloniato (Italy, 1979), Zsolt Józseph Simon (Hungary, 1973, winner of the Art Ceramics section of Open to Art).
In addition to these ceramists, Officine Saffi presented works by other international artists represented by the gallery, including Robert Cooper (U.K., 1949), Luca Lanzi (Italy, 1977), Paivi Rintaniemi (Finland, 1956), Kati Tuominen (Finland, 1947) and Ann van Hoey (1956, Belgium), providing a 360° view of the world of ceramics and revealing the vast range of artistic styles and techniques that hallmark this area of art today.

The artists’ very different approaches are very effective when shown in the same space. For example, there are the pieces by a “mature” ceramic artist such as Robert Cooper, present in the exhibition with his Tea Caddies made with recycled materials and found objects, along with works by Jozsef Simon Zsolt, an artist now moving towards widespread recognition. Zsolt uses themes deriving from the world of nature, constructing his vases through a process of opposites in which the exterior surface is suggested by sharp projecting forms that enclose softer interior geometries.
On the other hand, some similarities can be seen in the works by Robert Cooper and Flavio Favelli. Favelli is a famous Italian artist and on this occasion he has turned his hand to ceramics. Like Cooper, Favelli creates his own aesthetic universe by means of found objects reminiscent of Duchamp, combining them and giving them a new dignity as art.
The exhibition is designed to suggest many different levels of meaning, inviting spectators to assess the differences and points of similarity between artists, or even between artists and designers, as in the case of Ann van Hoey who won the special Wiffa commendation in the Design section of the Open to Art competition, and Päivi Rintaniemi, winner of the over-40 section of the 58th Faenza Prize. Both work on the archetypal form of the container, and, though moving in different directions, they attain a great visual simplicity and purity of line. They work in different areas: for Ritaniemi, ceramics as an artform has become her preferred means of expression, while for van Hoey, the ceramic medium is interesting because it offers the chance to make series objects that incorporate unique forms of creativity running parallel to those of “pure” art.

Officine Saffi Contemporary Ceramic Art @Pietrasanta
Galleria MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea

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