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Artists Luca Lanzi

From 13 November 2014 to 17 January 2015

The packed programme at Officine Saffi continues with the exhibition by Luca Lanzi (Bologna, 1977).


Curated by Laura Borghi, the exhibition, titled “La mano e l’idolo” (the hand and the idol) presents 24 works, drawings and ceramic sculptures, in which the dominant feature is a series of items linked to the world of play and enjoyment, such as toys, mechanisms and animals. Fetish objects, puppets, rag dolls and inflatable animals are translated into sculptural materials or transferred into the two dimensions of drawing. As Flaminio Gualdoni writes, they emerge "in thought as the emotive containers of an elemental, infantile state, in which the warmth of emotional regression cohabits with the primordial mystery of hieratic depiction."
Luca Lanzi's figures are born from an interior universe. They are physical, three-dimensional figures, unsettling at first sight but capable of revealing the secret recesses of the soul.
His horses, ducks, donkeys and puppets are objects that embody segments of life experience, but that were later abandoned for the sake of a new interest or desire. Just like these objects, Lanzi's works express the wear and tear exerted by the passage of time. This aspect evokes a rediscovered innocence, as well as feelings that transmit a restless unease.
Luca Lanzi has chosen to work on subjects with their own internal frame of reference. To achieve this, he uses sculpture, and above all statuary works, as the form of expression best suited to give physical form to an idea.

Biographical notes
Luca Lanzi was born in 1977 in Bologna, the city where he currently lives and works. He received a diploma in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, and studied further at the workshops of the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, to where he moved after having obtained a scholarship from the Fondazione Artistica Venturoli. Critics who have written about his work include Flaminio Gualdoni, Silvia Ferrari, Francesca Nicoli, Alessandra Redaelli and Viviana Siviero.

Officine Saffi Project

OS Project is a multifaceted cultural project directed by Laura Borghi. It is an architectural container for art, workshops, seminars and editorial projects. The 150-square-metre space has been totally refurbished, located in the inner courtyard of a building dating back to the early 1900s in Milan, originally a print workshop and later an engineering shop.
OS Project comprises the Officine Saffi Ceramics Arts Gallery, the OS Lab workshop, and the magazine La Ceramica in Italia e nel Mondo.
The gallery’s mission is to promote ceramic art in all its forms and expressions, with works both by consolidated artists and new talents. More specifically, the gallery wishes to increase the international visibility of Italian artists, while also presenting international ceramists to the Italian market.
The workshop has kilns, wheels and all the equipment necessary for ceramics. It is used for workshops and seminars led by important artists.
The magazine explores the world of traditional ceramics, contemporary ceramics and art in general, considering all its forms and expressions.

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