Nicola Tripodi


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Nicola Tripodi was born in 1955 in Reggio Calabria, and studied at the Fine Arts Academy in the same city. In 1981 he began working as a graphic designer, initially at Antonio Tramontana’s Alterstudio and later working freelance. In 2000, in the Sbarre district of Reggio Calabria, he opened a studio named “Arghillà”, where he made terracotta works, combining his experience in graphic design with the traditions linked to the past and the local area. Nicola Tripodi’s art explores the meanders of the history of our world, with inquisitive curiosity, passion and emotion. His choice of the figures on which to focus attention inevitably falls on the objects of the past, dating back to the times when even objects had a soul; he also dwells on the eternal seas and earth, and the symbols of tradition that he recovers and reinterprets, giving them a totally new outlook and bringing them closer to the heart. His is an art of clay with an infinite universe of stories and allegories that are still capable of creating surprise. His terra cotta works are shaped and decorated by hand. Each piece is unique.


Officine Saffi Gallery Open To Art

Open to Art

From 11 May 2011 to 11 July 2011