Morten Løbner Espersen


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1965 Born in Aalborg. Lives and works in Copenhagen

“The vessel is my object of choice. An archetypical form I’ve spent 20 years making variations on, from the functional and modest, to the aesthetic and sumptuous. Clay is my material of choice, because it contains so many possibilities: a plastic, amorphous material of incomparable formability that can be fired into imperishable, precise forms.”

Morten Løbner Espersen in I am a vessel (Horror Vacui, 2012)

Schermata 2017 10 19 Alle 15.57.49



2018 Bornholm Ceramic Museum, Hjorts Fabrik, Rønne
2017 “Vessels”, Brutto Gusto, Berlin
2016 “The Orb” Jason Jacques, New York, USA
2015 “Seven deadly sins” Brutto Gusto, Berlin, Germany
2014 “Daring Grey” Pierre Marie Giraud, Bruxelles, Belgium
2013 Copenhagen Ceramics
“Vertigo” Hedge Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2012 Brutto Gusto, Berlin, Germany
Trapholt Museum, Kolding
Jason Jaques, New York, USA
2011 Puls Contemporary, Bruxelles, Belgium
2010 Galleri Jytte Møller, Fredericia
Cups, Sintra, Göteborg, Sweden
2008 Puls Contemporary, Bruxelles, Begium
Kaolin, Stockholm, Sweden
Carla Koch Gallery, Amsterdam
2007 Lerverk, Gothenburg, Sweden
Andrew Hollingsworth, Chicago
2006 Galleri Nørby, Copenhagen
2005 Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Bruxelles, Belgium Kant, Sdr. Ho, Fanø
Carla Koch Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“Wild glaze” The porcelain museum, Gustavsberg, Sweden
2004 Clara Scremini Galley, Paris, France
Kaolin, Stockholm, Sweden
Keramik Gallerie Hilde Holstein, Bremen, Germany
2002 Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Bruxelles, Belgium
2001 Gallery Nørby, Copenhagen
2000 Galleri Björnen, Stockholm, Sweden
Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris, France
1999 Udstillingssted for ny keramik, Copenhagen
Ribe Art Museum
1998 Galleri Nørby, Copenhagen
1997 Galleri Björnen, Stockholm, Sweden


2018 “Printemps des Potiers”, Bandol, France
2017 Everyday life-thinking design, Century Museum, Kanazawa, Japan
Tommerup 25 years. Clay Museum Middelfart
Design Miami, Basel, Pierre Marie Giraud
2016 Sublime Bastards, Morten Avlskarl Gallery Copenhagen
Sculpture in Pilane, Tjörn, Sweden
Design Miami, Basel, Pierre Marie Giraud
Design Miami, Pierre Marie Giraud
Glaze - chemistry, mass and myth, Hempels Glasmuseum
2015 Design Miami, Basel, Pierre Marie Giraud
Design Miami, Pierre Marie Giraud.
2014 “Teabowl” The Oxford Ceramics Gallery, Oxford UK
Design Miami, Basel, Pierre Marie Giraud &Jason Jacques.
Design Miami, Pierre Marie Giraud, Jason Jacques.
2013 A vase is a vase is a vase, Brutto Gusto, Berlin, Germany
Design Miami, Basel, Pierre Marie Giraud & Jason Jacques.
Design Miami, Pierre Marie Giraud & Jason Jacques.
2012 SMART, Process Design Objects, Helsinki, Finland.
Design Miami, Jason Jacques.
2011 "Tradition transformed", Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama, USA
Ampersand House, Bruxelles, Belgien
Doktor Glas, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 "Contemporary Crafts" Brutto Gusto, Berlin
"Exempla" Gallerie Handtwerk, München
"Kopp", Kaolin, Stockholm
IAC, Members exhibition, Musée de Sevres, Paris
2009 SOFA, New York, Lucy Lacoste Gallery
"Adventures of the fire", WOCEF, Icheon, Korea
Collect, Køppe Gallery, Saatchi Galleries, London
2008 New Danish Ceramics, Röhsska, Gothenburg, Sweden. Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Hambrug, Germany
"40 years" Gallerie Handwerk. Munic, Germany
"Tulessa Syntynyt", Fiskars, Finland
New Danish Ceramic, Lucy Lacoste Gallery+SOFA Chicago, USA
XX th International Biennal of Contemporary Ceramics, Vallauris, France
"Blue", The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
2007 Works, Rörstrand Museum, Lidköping, Sweden. Konstbanken, Hamar, Norway
Collect, Galleri Nørby, V&A London
Modern Masters, München, Germany
Craft Biennale, Kolding
Yellow, a celebration, Scottish Gallery, Edingburgh, Scotland
Triennale de la Ceramique et du Verre, Mons, Belgium
2006 Email Parures du grand Feu, Giroussens and other venues, France
SOFA, Chicago, Galleri Nørby
2005 Yufuku Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Collect 2005, Puls Contemporary Ceramics, V&A London
“Lights in the Dark” Designer Zoo, Copenhagen
SOFA, Chicago, Galleri Nørby
“One piece - One artist” Gallerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg, Germany
2004 Biennalen 2004, Trapholt, Kolding
Coup de Bols, Gallerie Traces, Belgium
Blue and White Christmas, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
2003 Wallceramics, Galleri Nørby, Copenhagen
New Danish Ceramics, Kunstindustrimuseet, Copenhagen
2002-04 From the Kilns of Denmark, Contemporary Danish Ceramics. New York, Fitchburg, San Diego.Sacramento. USA. Paris, France and Berlin Germany.
2001 Danish Ceramics, Sigtuna Museum, Sweden
Les Jarres, Åtvidaberg, Sweden
2000 Borreby Galleri, Skælskør
Les Jarres Galleri Granberger, Förslev, Sweden
Danish Wave, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanking, Kina. Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka, Japan. Taipeh, Taiwan. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1999 Ceramics from Denmark, Münich, Germany
Keramik-Galerie Bürkner im Keramion, Frechen, Germany and
Grimmerhus Keramik Museum, Middelfart
1998 Junta at the Town Hall, Albertslund Town Hall
Yoshimi Futamura and Morten Løbner Espersen, Galleri Nørby, Copenhagen
Nordic Ceramic Triennale, Stockholm, Göteborg, Arvika and Höganäs, Sweden
1997 To Art Space, Seoul, South Korea
Junta with Guests, Andersen’s Watertower, Frederiksberg
Danish Ceramics 1947-97, Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen
Danish Ceramics, The Vejstrup Collection, Roskilde
Danish Ceramics 1850-1997, Sophienholm
The Biennale for Crafts and Design, Nordjyllands Art Museum
1996 Unika, Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen
The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan
1995 Gallerie Vromans, Amsterdam, Holland
Junta at Bastionen, Frederiks Bastion, Copenhagen
Biennale for Crafts and Design, Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen
1994 Nordic Profiles, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Göteborg, Oslo, Bergen,
Trondheim and Helsinki
Rooms and Rituals of Everyday Life, Den Frie, Copenhagen
XIV Biennale Internationale de Céramique d'Art, Vallauris, France
The First Danish Ceramic Triennial, Trapholtmuseum, Kolding
1993 Ceramic Undergrowth, Copenhagen and Århus
Charlottenborg, spring and autumn shows, Copenhagen


Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama, USA 2012
Röhska Museet, Göteborg, Sweden 2010
Musee Magnelli, Vallauris, France 2009
MAD, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA, 2008
The Swedish State Art Foundation, 2007
Beumans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Holland, 2005
The Danish State Art Foundation 1992, 98 and 99
Museum of Decorative Arts, Copenhagen 1994 and 98
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden 1995 and 2004
The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan 1995
Grimmerhus Ceramic Museum, Middelfart 1996
Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality 1997
Vejen Art Museum 1998, 99
Ny Carlsberg Foundation 1998, 99

Awards and grants

The Danish Nationalbank’s Jubillee Grants 1992, 94, 95, 97, 98, 2004, -08, -11
The Crafts prize of 1879, silver 1993
Art prize of the year, Simon Spies Foundation 1994
The Design Foundation 1996, 97, 98
Grant from the Danish Art Foundation 1994, 95, 97, 98, 2005, -09, -10, -11
Ole Haslunds Art Foundation 1998
Design book price 1999
Three Year Work Stipend, the Danish Art Foundation 2000
Toyota Foundation, 2005
Danish Crafts 2011
Augustinus Fonden 2011
LF Foghts Fond 2011


Danish Ambassadors home, Berlin, 1998
The municipal library, Hillerød, with the Danish Art Foundation 2003