Luca Tripaldi


Luca Tripaldi was born in Turin. After his schooling, he took a diploma in Graphic Design, and for a number of years worked on advertising as a graphic designer in several agencies. At the same time, he became interested in sculpture, an area that he studied independently. At the age of 23, he abandoned the world of advertising agencies, and became a sculptor in an important Italian theatre workshop, making masks, body parts, monsters and other materials for special effects, modelled in clay and then made in latex.

During this period, which lasted a decade, his interested in clay as a material grew, and he experimented with various types of clay and firing techniques, eventually deciding to work exclusively with ceramics, abandoning sculpture altogether. In 1998 he opened his ceramics studio in Turin, alternating his work as a ceramist with teaching ceramics techniques.

Initially his technique was based on white smoke-fired fireclay, but after a few years, he began working exclusively with porcelain, using various methods of shaping and firing.

Since 2010, he has dedicated particular attention to jewellery design, applying his knowledge of ceramics to the creation of porcelain jewellery pieces. Over the years, his work as a teacher is conducted increasingly in countries outside Italy. He holds workshops in Europe, the United States and Asia every year.

His rings have been selected by David Mc Fadden curator of MAD New York at SOFA Chicago 2013.

Luca Tripaldi Portrait



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