John Shea


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Variation within species, abstraction as type. The averages of the work become the systems under which production of form occur, producing an array of objects that all relate, both in kind and in type, standing as individuals. Elements turn into methods of identification, processes solidify and become records of handling, forms built from mounds of earth. Structures form, fall apart, and form again. Material becomes discrete
objects -- then morph into relationships, conditions of display, compete and complete -- turning objects into objects. Objects determining the way
in which objects mesh to become more objects, to become more objects, to become more objects. Alone, together. Light becomes color, illuminations questioning our perceptions, a constant itch in the eye. Variegated surfaces serve to serve a cacophony of hue and saturation blended to distort and deform. Discrepancies between the real and the sensual, seduction under false pretense, emanations from within.