Arnold Annen


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Arnold Annen is one of the most internationally renowned ceramic artists. Born in 1952 in Gstaad, Switzerland. He studied at the Bern Design School and completed his practical training in the workshops of Jean-Claude de Croussaz and Pierre Mestre. In 1989 he opened his own studio in Basel. 

Arnold Annen is famous above all for his works in Limoges porcelain. Over the years, he has refined his technique, which is an unmistakable hallmark of his work. He makes bowls as thin as paper, with a degree of transparency that is unparalleled in the world of ceramics. To reach this level of perfection, his procedures involve a very disciplined approach, along with sophisticated manual techniques.

The extremely thin walls of his bowls makes it impossible to correct errors. Even the smallest bubble would ruin a piece. Every operation has to be performed at exactly the right moment, and this requires absolute concentration throughout the entire process. The result is a very thin, translucent piece, like a screen for Chinese shadows. Some critics have defined his work as “white gold.

From 1993 on, Annen’s work has not been limited to small-scale pieces. He has begun to develop large porcelain objects, dedicating particular attention to space, volumes and interstitial spaces. After a number of years of study, he began crafting his earliest primitive fossil forms. He gave them names such as Stichtyomitra or Archaeodictyomitra, like the microscopic unicellular organisms that lived in the oceans millions of years ago. These objects reveal a different type of transparency: they are irregular, like skeletons, and their shapes create a complex system of shadows. The reduction firing at 1250°C burns the material, so that hollow parts are formed, openings, sometimes cracks and fissures, and the object looks as if it is about to shatter into pieces.

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Officine Saffi Gallery Translucencies


From 12 October 2011 to 25 November 2011