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The seed of my own "ceramic identity" was sown at Vho primary school, where my teacher Mario Lodi encouraged me to find beauty in the nature all around me.

Working from a drawing that I had made with him when I was nine years old, I later tried to transform it into a majolica sculpture. I succeeded, and as a result I began spending time in the workshop of Lino Bersani, a ceramic artist in Sestri Levante. It was there that I came to love the smell of clay and to learn its secrets, and I eventually realized that pottery could become my profession.

But, at the age of important decisions, I was distracted by that moment in history in which the utopia of a new and free world at last seemed possible. That dream gave me the conviction that an independent control of one's destiny is the greatest gift and the greatest wealth accessible to man.

My idea was that in every settlement or community, an independent form of art could exist, linked to the location, a zero-miles artform, based on the materials found in the land itself, and this enabled me to combine my humanistic and artistic training into a unitary project: the idea of becoming the "potter of Sestri Levante" and dedicating my art to the beauty of the local environment, while also interacting with other forms of artistic expression, from other cultures and other locations.

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SOFA CHICAGO, Art Fair, Officine Saffi Gallery, Chicago, USA
Collect, Internatianal Art Fair, Officine Saffi Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Frammenti, Torre dei Doganieri, Sestri Levante, Italia
Il dinamismo delle forme instabili, Torre dei Doganieri, Sestri Levante, Italia
Untitled, Spazio San Vitale 41, Massa, Italy
Mae Terra, Ponte de Sor, Portugal
Torgiano Experience, Argillà 2014, Faenza, Italy

ArcheTipInNaturali, Torre dei Doganieri, Sestri Levante
53° Mostra della Ceramica di Castellamonte, Italy
Un paesaggio da esposizione, parco delle sculture di Kriester, Vendone, Italy
33° Concorso Internazionale di Ceramica de L'Alcora, honorary mention
Dalla terra al cielo, l'ulivo, il sasso, la luce, il vento, Sestri Levante, Italy
Di sasso in sasso, Sestri Levante, Italy

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Ceramica fiorita, Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy
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Foglie, Torre dei Doganieri, Sestri Levante, Italy
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Presentation of the works made to illustrate “The Chestnut” by Mario Lodi, at CEA Ingauno, Albenga, Italy
Thematic installation for the congress hall at the Umberto I fortress, for the second meeting of smaller islands, Palmaria island, Portovenere, La Spezia, Italy


Working the sea in my silence, ceramics by A. Gioventù, woodcuts by I. Zetti, Il Vicolo gallery, Genoa, Italy
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The Stones of St. Piran, floating stones, Vernazza, La Spezia, Italy
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Solo show at the Zambon head offices, Milan, Italy

And the sun told its tale..., solo show, Spazio Nibe, Milan, Italy
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