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Anders Herwald Ruhwald (nato nel 1974, Danimarca) vive e lavora a Detroit, MI, USA e si è laureato al Royal College of Art di Londra nel 2005.
Le mostre personali includono Unit 1: 3583 Dubois presso MOCA Cleveland (USA); The State of Things presso The Museum of Art and Design a Copenhagen (Danimarca); You in Between at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (Regno Unito), oltre 30 mostre personali in gallerie in Asia, Europa e Stati Uniti e a più di 100 mostre collettive in tutto il mondo.
Il lavoro di Ruhwald è rappresentato in oltre 25 collezioni pubbliche di livello internazionale tra cui il Victoria and Albert Museum (Regno Unito), il Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Francia), il Denver Art Museum (USA), il Detroit Institute of Art (USA), il Philadelphia Museum of Art (USA) e The National Museum (Svezia). Nel 2015 Ruhwald ha ricevuto una sovvenzione dalla Knight Foundation (USA) per lo sviluppo di un'installazione immersiva permanente all'interno di un appartamento a Detroit (USA), che verrà inaugurato nel corso dell'anno. Ha anche ricevuto il Gold Prize alla Icheon International Ceramics Biennale (Corea del Sud) nel 2011 e il Sotheby's Prize (Regno Unito) nel 2007.
Le recensioni includono importanti pubblicazioni su Guardian (Regno Unito), (Stati Uniti) e il New York Times Magazine (Stati Uniti). Ruhwald ha tenuto conferenze e insegnato in università e college in Europa e nel Nord America. Dal 2008-2017 è stato Artist-in-Residence e capo del Dipartimento di Ceramica presso la Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, USA.

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2017 The Hand is the Mind is the Bomb that Blows, Moran Moran, Los Angeles, CA
Glasur Stykker, Volume Gallery, Chicago, IL
2015 The Charred Room, Volume Gallery, Chicago, USA
2014 The View from the Sides of my Nose, Galleri Format, Oslo, Norway
You in Between, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway
One Thing Follows Another (and you make it happen), Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY
Almost Nothing, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA, USA
2013 The View from the Sides of my Nose, Galerie Nilsson et Chiglien, Hong Kong.
One Thing Follows Another (and you make it happen), David Ousley Museum of Art, IN, USA
The Anatomy of a Home, Saarinen House, Cranbrook Art Museum, MI, USA
2012 Borderline, Gallerie Nilsson et Chiglien, Paris, France
2010 Temperance!, Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects, New York, USA
2009 Almost Nothing, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Nästan Allting, Galleri IngerMolin, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008 You in Between, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, UK
Anders Ruhwald 2004-07, Espace Grandjean, Vallauris, France
One is never so close to change when life seems unbearable in even the smallest and most everyday things, Rowland Contemporary, Chicago
Form & Function, Sixpm Project Space, London, United Kingdom
2007 We float in space and cannot perceive the new order, M.Y. Art Prospects, New York, USA
Form & Function, Galleri IngerMolin, Stockholm, Sweden
If all man’s products were well designed, harmony and joy would emerge eternally triumphant, Drud & Køppe Gallery, Denmark
2006 Frictions, John Michael Kohler Art Center, Wisconsin, USA
2005 Frictions, Rowlandcontemporary, Chicago, USA
2004 The State of Things, The Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen, Denmark 2003 Galleri Puls, Bruxelles, Belgium,  Galleri Nørby, Copenhagen, Denmark


2018 At Large, Reyes Projects, Birmingham, MI, USA
2017 The new Domestic Landscape, Cranbrook Art Museum, MI, USA
2016 War Games, curated by Benjamin Godsill, Moran Moran, Detroit, MI
Copenhagen Ceramics, Galleria Salvatore Lanteri, Milan, Italy
2015 Showing off, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO, USA
2014 Future Tropes, Volume Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA
2013 Crafting a Continuum, ASU-Art Museum, Tempe, AZ, USA
2011 No Object is an Island, Cranbrook Art Museum, USA
Overthrown, Denver Art Museum, USA
WANI, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris, France
2010 Korero, Taipei Yingge Museum, Taiwan
Tendenser, Galleri F-15, Moss, Norway
2009 The illusion of reality, Bomuldfabrikkens Kunsthall, Norway
Dissolving views, The Cheongju Biennale, Korea
Irreverent, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, USA
2007 Everyday, National Museum of Decorative Art, Trondheim, Norway
2006 Places, Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseum, Linz, Austria
2005 54th Premio Faenza, Faenza, Italy
The Autumn Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
My Room, Sophienholm, Copenhagen, Denmark
Contain Memory, The Crypt, St. Pancras Church, London, England 2004 Generations, Rosenthal, Pinakotek der Moderne, Munich,Germany  Made in Scandinavia, Rikutstillingerne, Norway (2004-09) Stuff. Ingenuity and Critique. Harbour Front Center, Toronto,Canada Keramiske veje, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark  2003 The 2nd World Ceramics Biennial, Icheon, Korea 2002 The 2002 Biennial, The Museum of Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark 1998 K.E., Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark 1995 Poly-arte, Rungstedgaard, Rungsted, Denmark

2011 Gold Prize, Gyeonggi International Biennale, South Korea
2010 The Danish Art Foundation Three Year Working Stipend
2007 The Sotheby’s Prize, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom
2005 The Annie & Otto Detlefs Prize, Denmark

COLLEZIONI (selezione)The Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA
The Detroit Institute of Art, USA
The Denver Art Museum, USA
Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, UK
The National Museum of Decorative Art, Trondheim, Norway
The British Crafts Council
The Swedish National Museum, Stockholm

The Icheon World Ceramic Center, Rep. of South Korea
The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norway
The Swedish Council for the Arts

Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris, France
Cranbrook Art Museum, USA
Design Museum Denmark, Copenhagen
The Danish Arts Council

Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

The Arizona State University Art Museum, USA
Collection de Sèvres – Cité de la céramique, France


Anders Ruhwald Casa Museo Jorn Officine Saffi 1

The Body, The Mind, This Constructed World

Anders Herwald Ruhwald

Dal 18 luglio 2018 al 30 settembre 2018


the thing in your mind


Dal 14 aprile 2018 al 22 giugno 2018

Officine Saffi Gallery Robert Cooper


Dal 27 novembre 2013 al 14 febbraio 2014